about me


updated August 11, 2020

Rusty Norman is a singer, amateur songwriter and guitar player. He is also a writer and has published the second of his “Living Life Notes” books as well as his latest book for Cord Cutters. You can find out more about them at Amazon.com  and search for Rusty Norman. (Stay tuned to this site for more info on his latest books and more.)  He is presently working on a personal project of music and songs he has written and will make them available to anyone interested in the future. (Check in often for more on that, too.)

He has over forty(40) years experience in audio, both live and recording of different types, and uses his experience and expertise presently as an audio director for weekly broadcasts on TV(recorded), internet (Live streaming and some downloadable files) and radio (live). (These examples of his audio work are available on the internet at http://www.famfm.com). The Live Streams of these services  are every Wednesday night at 7 PM, Saturday night at 6 PM and Sunday morning at 9:30 AM and 11 AM with Pastor Dan Betzer. The Wednesday 7:00 PM Live services are also broadcast live on radio, WJYO 91.5 Fort Myers, FL. (They can also be found on the internet at Kingdom.FM at those times). (You can also catch the programs live at the service times on FaceBook, YouTube and others. Simply visit First Assembly Of God’s website for more information at – famfm.com).

To quote Rusty, “Although these programs are streamed live, we may often only get one chance to get those right audio-wise. (But, we also have and use post-mix capabilities for later broadcast.) When you are doing live on the radio and the internet . . . well . . . you know how that can be.” Once again, the radio program can be listened to live on Sunday mornings at 11:00am ET until 12:15am ET at http://www.kingdom.fm/. Rusty only asks that you visit the sites and judge for yourself how the Media crew does on a regular basis.

“We work really hard at trying to capture not only the live audio and video, but the atmosphere of the services,” says Rusty. “We want your experience to be as close to being there as it can be from a remote location.” Remember – they also live stream these services on Sunday mornings at 9 & 11:00am. Mid-week services are streamed live on most Wednesdays at 7:00pm. All of the times listed here are US Eastern time zone.

Rusty also is the owner of Norman Tv and Video Systems in Fort Myers, FL. He is very knowledgeable in satellite and off-air antenna, as well as both RF and Video distribution for residential and commercial situations. This includes the HD and Digital spectrum as well.

He will be the first to tell you that his first loves are writing and recording, whether it be recording others and making them sound as good as they possibly can or whether it be some of his own stuff. “Many of the other things I do in my life I do because I have to or because I want to,” Rusty says. “These two things, (writing and recording), I do because I love to.”