About Us


Hello and welcome to, PodCastNorm dot Com. We’re glad you’re visiting our world and we hope to be a part your world. It is our hope you find good information here. That is our aim and purpose. Let’s learn, explore, do and grow together!

We believe that podcasting (whether audio or video) is not only the wave of the near and distant future, BUT, it is the norm for the future. Although there are several reasons for the name we chose, you already see one of the reasons; (besides, it is also most of our last name.) We do firmly believe podcasting – both audio and video –  is a powerful way to reach the audience you want to reach. this is our main site for our podcasts covering more than just one thing. We have diverse interests and podcasting is our way of reaching out to you and to others. Who knows, maybe someday we’ll be talking with you on one of our podcasts. 

Remember our name, “podcastnorm.com” (or, PodCastNorm dot Com.) We hope you can use what we have to offer and to say. We don’t claim to know it all, but we are sure we want to use what we have and hope it meets your expectations.

Check with us often!!!

updated August 11, 2020