Before We Move On … Some Personal Thoughts On the Future for Podcasting

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As I mentioned last time, I am planning on making certain changes to this site and also expanding my podcasting adventures into other areas I am interested in. But before we move on, together, I just wanted to take some time to express my thoughts and feelings as far as the direction of podcasting for the future, in general and for myself.

I used to take certain things for granted. Things like, I never thought I would like being on the talking side of the microphone and now I find it gives me great pleasure to share what I know with those that want to listen. My problem now is trying to figure out what direction to go with my ideas of what I want to accomplish with podcasting.

You see, I know there are people out there that know much more about podcasting than I do and I know there are those that know much more about the software and available hardware. The real problem for all of us is, what do we really want to accomplish with what it is we do with this form of communication called podcasting.

Do we want to use it as a form of entertainment? Do we want to use it as a forum for our thoughts on current events and other items we find important? Do we just want to have another music based radio program or possibly a talk show? How about educational and inspirational programming? When it comes to video, will the same hold true, doing the same old, same old, or will someone find a brand new way of getting the job done? Will we continue on with the casual presentation of our creativity as is now so popular on “youtube” and other places or use it for things beyond our comprehension at this moment?

What direction will you take? Have you really thought about it?

As for me, I choose to use podcasting for educational and personal development purposes at the present time. It is a convenient way to present, or offer, input into peoples lives. It is possible to help many gain valuable input in this way and for me, that is important. I hope to make a positive impact on people and give valuable information and advice using my own life experience and that of others.

There is a wealth of information available and this is a way to make it available to all that desire it at a time convenient for them to listen or absorb it. Some of it will cost nothing and some of it will cost more than some think it is worth.

This medium will become an income producing venture for many and will be a fulfilling outlet for others. I only hope that it doesn’t become what TV and Radio have. They are more driven by income rather than importance. The driving force behind much of the programming in those venues is popularity and how much an advertisement will bring in because of that popularity. Of course, that is good business and will apply in some way to podcasts of all kinds, but it is very limiting. It means, especially in Radio and TV, that only programming that generates income survives whether or not it has any real value.

One of the most important values to this thing called podcasting is that it is not something that restricts someone from doing it. A person can start podcasting very inexpensively. Quality will always be of value whether it be the content or the quality of the audio or the video or both. With the technologies and services available these days, a person can turn out a very high quality podcast very inexpensively. That doesn’t mean a person will have to spend a fortune, but, it does mean they will have to spend what it takes to accomplish what they want to produce in the quality they want. Some things are easy to accomplish and some things are, or can be, very complex.

I can only speak for myself and the way I am. Mostly, I am a very laid back person. Does that mean I never get excited or exasperated. No, it means I don’t often yell and scream to get my point across. I just present it the way I see it and that is all I can do. Does that mean I don’t like those that do it the other way? No. Sometimes I think they go a bit over board and I can’t necessarily listen to them for extended periods of time, but, I do appreciate their enthusiasm.

So, the future of podcasting is in our hands, yours and mine. What we choose to do with it remains to be seen and I do firmly believe we have only scratched the surface. I know I never thought much about it until I began to use it to time shift my listening and learning experiences and then began my own podcasting adventures. It offers possibilities limited only by our creativity and imaginations. I’ve said it before and I will say it again. The world is out there waiting for our input. Let’s get it to them.

See ya next time . . .

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