Back on the Podcasting Track




Well … I guess you’ve noticed I haven’t been around lately. That’s because I have been extremely busy and also re-visiting my purpose for being here.

Now, I am not totally changing what I am doing but I do have some great things to tell you about over the next few days, weeks and months. I do sincerely think that my taking time to re-evaluate is going to be a definite benefit for both you and me. I know for me it was time well spent.

I am excited about the new track I am on and I hope you will be too.

I will be going in a little bit of a different direction and probably covering some old ground with some new input as well. I don’t intend to just focus on audio podcasting anymore. I want to cover a more broad spectrum in ways of communication. You will still be able to learn a lot about audio recording, editing and podcasting, but let’s face it, that is only a small part of what is happening in the near and distant future.

Some of the things I intend to focus on follow: Continue reading Back on the Podcasting Track

Hello World and Welcome to

Hello and welcome to our site.  We believe that podcasting is not only the wave of the near and distant future, BUT, it will soon be the norm.  Although there are several reasons for the name we chose, you already see one of the reasons.  We do firmly think podcasting will soon be the “norm” and now is the time to get started either learning or using this powerful outreach.  Remember our name, “”.  You will want to know what we have to offer and to say.