Episode #1623 – Talladega, Restrictor Plates and Elimination from a NASCAR Fan’s View

This episode is the latest from NascarFansView.com and JustAFansView.com and is a production of PodCastNorm dot Com with host Rusty Norman. It gives Rusty’s opinion of the Third Chase race of the second segment this weekend at Talladega Sunday afternoon October 22, 2016. This third race of the second segment of the 2016 Chase will once again have the narrowed field of twelve for the Sprint Cup Championship except when this one is over, four of the drivers will be eliminated from the Chase for the Cup Championship. That will make for interesting and intense racing and, like any other NASCAR Cup race, there is a lot riding on this one and though there are only twelve competing in the Chase, any of the 40 can win. This particular race is another special one because it is also Tony Stewart’s last race at Talladega. He has been eliminated from the Chase and is retiring at the end of this year.

imageAs is always the case, consistent lap times, getting in and out of the pits with no problems or penalties and a strategy that maintains good track position throughout the day will once again result in one of the forty drivers sitting in Victory Lane. Talladega always seems to offer great restrictor plate racing and anything can happen. As a general rule, it is a race where there is always the chance of a Big One and a surprise finish along with a lot of emotion. These article/podcasts are usually once weekly podcasts and sometimes twice when events warrant it during the NASCAR season (which generally runs from February through the middle of November.) Rusty is a former hometown Stock Car driver and owner and his passion and love for the sport is evident as he shares his take and opinion of the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series as the Season progresses from the season beginning at Daytona in February and ending with the Championship at Homestead, FL in November.

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