Episode #1731-Four More Will Be Eliminated After Kansas from a NASCAR Fan’s View


This episode is the latest from NascarFansView.com and JustAFansView.com and is a production of PodCastNorm dot Com with host Rusty Norman. It gives Rusty’s pre-race opinion of the latest race in the 2017 Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series playoffs. This is the Monster Energy NASCAR Cup third race in the round of twelve at Kansas Speedway and it is an elimination race. There will be four less competing for the Championship when this on is over. As has been the case so far this season the addition of the stages and the lower down force package, this should be another great one, in particular since it is an elimination race. There are always plenty of surprises from beginning to end and there will be plenty of intensity too. If things go as usual there will likely be some interesting moments with lots of action in the mix. It will be a race that includes a lot of mental and emotional frustration by the end. The restarts will be very interesting. This could be a fuel mileage race and by the time it is over there will surely be surprises and it remains to be seen which of the twelve will move on to the Round of Eight. As has been the case so far this season, one of the biggest surprises will likely be the one that wins…

These article/podcasts are usually once weekly podcasts and sometimes even more when events warrant it during the NASCAR season (which generally runs from February through the middle of November.) Rusty is a former hometown Stock Car driver and owner and his passion and love for the sport is evident as he shares his take and opinion of the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series as the Season progresses from the season beginning at Daytona in February and ending with the Championship at Homestead, FL in November.

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