Following Up on the “Hums and Buzzes”…Podcasting Quick Tip #7

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I’m sure you all remember the time, recently, I was talking about hums and buzzes in my recordings, (Podcasting Quick Tip #5) and I told you I would fill you in on why I was having some ground loop problems when I knew more. Well, I did figure out part of it and the other I haven’t quite got a grip on yet.

The first problem was when I hooked up directly with my laptop to record stuff off of the telephone, (possible interview practice), an noticed I had a bad hum or buss in the recording. I solved it temporarily by removing the laptop power supply. But, the technician in me wanted to know where the ground loop was coming from so I had to try a few things.

I finally isolated it to my modem connection on my downstairs computer. You see, because of some of the work I do, I have and test some head-end parts for RF distribution. I have one of my computers connected to this system to play music and sometimes show stuff from ‘TSTN’ on my whole house system. I have experienced ground loop problems before with the system and thought I had it all taken care of. Apparently, I didn’t. Since I use the computer as my fax machine, it is connected to the phone line via the modem and also the head-end system. When I remove the connection to the modem of that computer, the hum goes away from my other phone connection to my laptop. I won’t go any further with that one, i just know where it is and I can deal with it.

The other one still has me a little baffled. Why my microphone does what it does I cannot say for sure. Perhaps I should try a USB input and see if it does the same thing. As it is now, I am using the mic input at the front of my computer and it has no buzz as long as I am not connected to the power line with my laptop power supply. It also seems to be pretty much evident with the mic I am using. Others I try are either not as evident or don’t have the hum/buzz in them. It is still a little confusing to me. Maybe one of you out there in the land of podcasting and blogs can help me this one. It really doesn’t bother me that much, but I would like to know why. If you have any input, please leave your ideas in the comments section.

I am going to be stepping up to a little bit different equipment in the very near future and I will probably solve my delima in that way. Still, my curiosity is arroused and I would like to know why it does what it does.

I have been extrememly busy lately and have had a little bit of a hard time keeping up with the blog. I have been forced, at least temporarily, to only update twice a week and I have moved it from Monday and Friday to Tuesday and Friday. I hope you won’t mind. Perhaps soon, I will be able to get back on the old schedule. In April, I will probably be turning out one podcast a week on this site, but it will be a compiliation of the articles and thoughts for the week. I will still be providing the podcast version of the articles for those that want to listen to them instead of read them.

See ya next time . . .

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