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Sorry about the delay in updating the blog, but I think I’m finally back on schedule. I found I just couldn’t do it all. What with the eye surgeries and the doctor appointments and catching up on the service calls, I tried and just couldn’t keep up. But I am looking forward to the future and, of course, the present.

As I am sure you already know, it happens every time. Once you start finding good places to gain input from, the links on those sites lead you to other places. That’s what makes this so interesting. There is no limit, (at least I haven’t found one so far), to finding places to gain important information or valuable expertise that can help you “get started right” in your podcasting adventures. And there is no limit to the opportunities out there to make it worth your while if you want to take the time it takes to “do it right”.

Today, I’m not only going to mention places about audio podcasting, but I am going to mention some that use both audio and video. There is just so much going on in the industry that there is no way to ignore any of it. In this journey of learning and discovering, we can’t go very far on our own. I am a firm believer that we need other peoples’ input because we are involved in the infancy of a brand new industry. It is still growing, changing and finding its focus and all of us, together, are doing the same.

The first place I want to talk about is called ‘the internet audio guy’. This is one great place for all your audio needs. You will find Mike Stewart to be a great source of information and he has thirty years experience in audio and video. Be sure to take in his blog page“From the Desk of Mike Stewart” while your looking around.

Trust me, you will want to take advantage of his expertise in audio. This site is just full of great offers, equipment, software and, yes, even some free stuff to whet your appetite for some the great stuff he offers at reduced prices. Whether you are brand new to audio podcasting or an old pro, you will find a bunch of stuff you will want to take advantage of.

The second place is also a Mike Stewart site and is named, “the internet video guy”. This one is about using video in podcasting as well as other uses for video in websites, emails and other types of marketing. He is another one of those people on the cutting edge of where this industry is headed. You will really enjoy the way he presents his ‘vodcasts’ and you will find them just full of information and great hints, tips and demonstrations.

Believe me, his sites, (and he has several), are going to give you up to the minute information and lots of it that will keep you busy learning for a while. I am sure you will want to take advantage of some of his great offers, too.

The next place is by another one of the people that I call on the cutting edge also. His name is Jim Edwards. He is self described as a person who promises to tell the truth, “The naked truth”, even if it hurts. He has great information and cares about people enough to give them truthful opinions about things that work. He makes a solemn promise to only deliver the best possible business building and money making information directly to you. But, don’t take my word for it, check out his blog at “”. I promise, you won’t be disappointed.

The next place is somewhat like a site I’ve talked about several times and where I presently upload my podcast to called, “”. This other place is called “”. The first difference you will notice about this site is that it is not totally free. The range of pricing is from free to $30.00 per month. I can’t say it is unreasonable though. I really think it offers an alternative to the free site, but it does require the investment to use it for their premium service. I think it is better to try the free part and see how things go and then try the pay level of the the site if you like what you see when you check them out or if your podcast or videocast warrants the expenditure. I never recommend spending money first, but sometimes spending some is the only to find out the difference between free and pay stuff.

The last place for today is something I thought might interest you. If you are doing an audio or video podcast and think you have a need for a telepromter, go to “”. They offer a 30 day, fully functional trial of their teleprompter called, ‘floprompter’. I will be trying it out over the next month and seeing how it works out for me since most everything I do is scripted. If you decide to purchase it and keep it, the price is a very reasonable, $39.95. It looks like it could help things go easier because it does do the teleprompter thing of moving the words across the screen at your pace instead of you having to manually advance it. I know I will know more in 30 days about its true value for me. So far it looks pretty interesting. The real decision on its value and necessity can only be decided by you and how it works for you when you try it.

See ya next time . . .

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