Good Reasons for Making Podcasts and Productions — (Check Out These Short Demos from PCN Productions)

I know I’ve talked a lot about podcasting over the last several years, but I do have good reasons for making podcasts and productions and I want you to check out at least one of these three short podcast demos from PodCastNorm Productions. (I’ll give you links for them here at the end of this article.)

I’m not doing this to brag or to get you to buy something, but I do want you to see that not every production has to be an interview with some guru about some subject that takes 90 minutes to get to the reason they wanted you to listen in the first place — buy their product!

Yeah, I know not everyone that makes podcasts just wants you to buy something and not everybody just wants to entertain you. I will be the first to tell you, most of those type things are well produced and often offer great information about the subject they talk about, but there are a number of other reasons to use podcasts, blog/casts, v-casts or whatever you might think of.

One of the reason’s I take the time to make a production out of reading my articles is for those that may not be able to read because of eyesight or health issues. Another would be so they can listen on the fly while they are walking, exercising or driving down the road. In a way, I offer to read my articles to them, (or you), so they, (or you), can multi-task and still absorb the information and hopefully use it sooner or later, depending on what the case may be.

I try my level best to make the presentation acceptable on many levels so that it isn’t offensive to the listeners in several ways. I don’t want to offend them by using harsh language and I try to make the music I use fit the project. I want it to sound at least somewhat professional and not like it was recorded in some large auditorium (although I know those type recordings have their place also.) I try to do the best I can with what I have.

Another reason I read them is because I know I may not be able to capture in writing the text the way I meant for the reader to read it. By reading it, I can put the emphasis where it needs to be for the listener to properly understand what I meant. (At least, I hope I accomplish that.) Voice inflection, chuckles and laughter can often make a big difference in the way something is understood. They also give the listener/reader some insight into the personality of the person presenting the information and, along the way, hopefully making it a more pleasing experience.

So, I tell you this today for two reasons…

  1. So I can demonstrate to you at least one of the other type productions I make through PodCastNorm, (PCN Productions)
  2. To give you some other ideas for making podcasts, blog/casts, v-casts or whatever type presentation or production you would like to make.

The first one I am sending you to is:

<< >> (Yes, it is about NASCAR from a fan’s view and I hope you like it.)

Please do click on the link and listen to the production all the way to the end. The reason I ask this of you is because I have inserted a commercial in it and I want you to see how you can make commercials for yourself, or others, and turn out productions, if not for yourself, at least for others that may not have your capabilities or talents.

The second one is another of my sites that I use for sharing on a more personal level. (I am still working on this site and it is a growing project that I will be adding more content to on a regular basis.) Please click on this link and just listen to it…

<< >>

Once you arrive on the site, it should begin playing almost immediately. When it finishes, it will redirect you to the next page which contains a video of one of the songs I’ve written. (I would like you to watch the video and hear the song, too, because it is part of what I want you to see about the possibilities for production and podcast ideas and about ways to use your websites to present your material of all kinds.)

Who knows, this could open up whole new opportunities and possibilities for you as you look for a place to use your talents to make productions for yourself or others…

See ya next time… Rusty

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