Having Laugh Or Two With My Podcast Out-Takes

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I seriously thought about calling this audio blog/article, “And you thought this was easy,” but I was afraid you wouldn’t hang around and listen to the out-takes I have for you and then you would miss out on having a good laugh or two.

Well, for some this may be easy, but for others, (myself included), it only seems that way. Even if you didn’t think it to be so, take comfort in the fact that you too, with a little editing practice and expertise, can make your podcast flow with the best of them and sound as professional as anyone’s.

Today, I wanted you to have a little fun today at my expense. I am going to take you behind the scenes of my podcast before it is edited. Unfortunately, I am sure this may be something I will someday regret, BUT, I wanted you to see that you don’t have to be even close to perfect to make something happen out of what may originally seem like a disaster. (Take heart good friend, this is all about editing out the stuff you don’t want people to hear. )

This is why I like to pre-record my instructional podcasts and why I know — absolutely — “You Can Do This!”

You know, as hard as it may be to believe, there are times I just cannot talk. I know I shouldn’t admit it but there are times when my brain and mouth just don’t make the connection to each other. If you listen to the edited versions of my audio blogs, you really don’t know the half of it. I have saved up a few good brain disconnects to share with you. If you really think all a podcaster has to do is read his or her script, this should put any of those thoughts to rest.

Admittedly, I expend a lot of effort to make as good a podcast as I can. That’s because I just like them to sound as good as they possibly can. If you think you can’t make a podcast because you blow a line or two (or, possibly even twenty), let me show you what I sometimes go through to end up with the final results I do. (Hey, now wait a minute. I think you’re laughing just a little bit too much out there already. At least let me play you a few of the things I thought were funny, first. Then we will all be laughing very loudly at the same time and in perfect harmony.)

In reality, I know you are going to laugh, and trust me, I am going to be right there laughing with you. It is frustrating and yet, freeing, to know that even when we stumble and mumble our way through, we can eventually make the best of a bad day. If all works well, most, if not all of what I am going to show you here, is from the last episode, “episode #0032.”

If you want to hear the final edited version (that’s the one with the fewest mistakes) you can click on the link here (episode #0032).

But for now, settle back for a few moments and try not to laugh so loud that you wake up your neighbors. As you listen to the following excerpts, please remember a lesson I learned long ago. None of us needs to take ourselves too seriously. We really need to be able to laugh at ourselves. The minute we think we are perfect is the time we will undoubtedly fall flat on our faces.

Just for your information, I am going to use a little different technique to present this to you. It will give you another idea of how you can present material in your podcasts. Don’t worry, in a soon coming future audio blog/article, I will explain how I did it. Well, if you’re ready, here we go:

(Insert excerpts from episode #0032 with voice-over — Podcast only – No text)

See ya next time …

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