Is Your Podcast ‘Take It With You’ Material?

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Go ahead, check it out for yourself. There are more than a few places to go and check out information about podcasting of all different kinds. In fact, there are literally thousands and thousands of places. Do you find that a bit discouraging and overwhelming? It can be and it is for just about everyone, at times.

If you want to laugh, there are plenty of videocasts to tickle your funny bone. If you want to hear someone spout off about their latest aggravation, you will find them in thick supply. There are seminars, lectures and lessons available of many different types. There are those that are strickly for entertainment and there are those that are educational and informational. You name the subject, you will find something, somewhere, and probably multiple somethings in those somewhere places.

So what is it you want to do? If you want to become rich and famous by podcasting, you might want to give it a little time (because it probably won’t hapen too quickly, if at all). Now, every once in a while someone discovers a niche, comes up with an idea or stumbles upon a certain subject that catches someones attention and it travels the viral route to absolute star-status in a very short period of time, but, those are very few and far between.

Does it happen overnight? Sometimes. Does it make its creator rich? Sometimes. Is it something you can do for a while, sell to someone else and retire to some tropical location, sipping on what ever you like to sip on all day long? Maybe it does happen that way sometimes, but, it’s not too likely it will happen to you, (or to me).

So, many will ask the question, “What’s the use? No one is out there listening anyway.” It’s how you answer that question that can make all the difference in your life in podcasting and possibly the lives of those that listen to what you have determined to accomplish through podcasting.

I think the question you have to ask yourself is, “Why do I really want to do this?” Is it all about money? Is it about fame or power? How about simply to be recognized?

I have had to answer that question to myself more than once. The best reasons I have come up with to explain why I do this is because I like to do it and because I have always been a teacher at heart. I don’t like to hold on to, or hoard, knowledge I have acquired over time. I like to share what I have learned if someone is willing to learn from me. I like to share my experience with others and help them advance toward their goals. I have to be honest, though. I haven’t got all the answers and I still learn something new almost every day.

Some of the stuff I know is useless in this day and age and some of what I know you can’t put a price on. That’s why I like the idea and convenience of educational podcasting. I like the fact that knowledge or information can be readily available to anyone that wants it and that it can be downloaded and taken with you to be listened to at your convenience.

In fact, I am totally spoiled by podcasting. I spend so much time in my vehicle daily, traveling (or should I say, sitting in traffic), from one job to another, I want to spend that time wisely. I choose learning about, or being motivated by, the things that interest me rather than listening to the radio while I do so. When something I listen to at my computer can’t be taken with me, I am disappointed. (Now, I have a way to change that, but, it takes more time for the conversion process. It isn’t necessarily convenient but it does work. I will talk more about that very soon.)

Consider your podcast. Is it something educational or informational? Is it strictly for entertainment? Is it a teaching series? Is it an audio book of either technical knowledge or entertainment value? Is it technically well produced? Is it something someone would want to take with them?

See ya next time . . .

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