“Make Your Website Talk v2.0” – by Jim Edwards (A Very Special Guest Article)

Hi everybody… I have a very special treat for you today. If you haven’t heard of Jim Edwards you’re going to be glad you took the time to read this article, today. Lately, we’ve been talking about ways to make your audios (and videos) better and the easiest ways to put them on your websites. Jim offers this input to you, in particular, about audio.

I can tell you, I am glad for the day I found Jim Edwards several years ago and I know he tells it like it is. Even better, he always seems to over-deliver when it comes to sharing what he knows and this article is no different. So, take a few minutes right now to read this article and be sure visit the links you come across as you do.

Believe me, you won’t regret the time you spend here… it will be worth every second.

“Make Your Website Talk v2.0”

– by Jim Edwards

(c) Jim Edwards – All Rights reserved http://www.HowToMakeAudioCDs.com

It seems like just a few years ago people watched in amazement as words and pictures appeared as “websites” on their computer screens through the Internet.

Just having a website rated a major accomplishment, even a status symbol, for businesses of every size.

Now, however, people expect websites as standard equipment for most businesses and the Internet teems with BILLIONS of static web pages.

In such a crowded online world, how can a business differentiate itself from all the others?

Welcome to the new frontier of the Internet where web pages, even the small ones, dance and sing with audio and video!

In the beginning, putting audio and video on your website involved very expensive “streaming” servers and complicated software.

In those days, audio and video remained the playground of mega-sites and dot-com companies with unlimited budgets.

But even then, online audio and video didn’t really take off because the vast majority of it required the listener to carry a high-speed Internet connection or use complicated formats like “Real” player.

Well those days have passed forever and quality audio and certain types of video now lie firmly in the grasp of every website owner!

Two things appeared on the scene to enable virtually any website owner to include audio and video on their website, even for dial-up surfers: faster computers and better compression technology.

Let’s face it, home computers now pack more punch than it took to send men to the moon.

When you combine that computing power with widespread use of “Flash Player,” the free web browser plug-in available at www.adobe.com, which enables high quality audio and video to stream across the web without special servers, and you now find a perfect environment for what amounts to online radio.

Despite the fact that online audio is now more “low-tech”
than ever and can get created and posted with free and low- cost tools, most people still don’t use it (or use it correctly).

It’s funny, but most people now take online audio for granted and because it’s not really “new” anymore, they tend to discount its effectiveness (especially since the “gurus”
have moved on to more sexy topics).

But before you think audio doesn’t have a place in your online business arsenal anymore, take a look at these six
(6) suggested uses for audio to test on your own websites and blogs right now:

1) Audio Testimonials: Let your website visitors hear from
your happy customers to increase credibility…

2) Audio Welcome: Have a SHORT welcome message play that
explains the benefits of why a visitor should sign up
for your newsletter or opt-in to your “squeeze” page…

3) Audio Samples: Offer a free sample of an audio product
you’re selling right on your mini-site…
(example: I give away the first 2 tracks of my CD at
http://www.5stepstogettinganythingyouwant.com )

4) Audio Paid Content: Offer Audio content for a membership
site! Record the audio yourself, or interview an expert
each month, and just offer it right from your website for
streaming or download…

5) Audio Blogging: Post an audio message instead of or in
addition to regular text on your blog. This “multi” media
approach can really help you stand out from the crowd…

6) Audio “Exit” Offers: Use audio to draw people’s attention
to special offers by giving them the gist of your offer
in 20 to 30 seconds. This is especially useful when using
exit scripts & special popups to grab people’s attention.

Don’t fall into the trap of thinking that online audio is “old news” and that online video is the only way to go.
Audio is, in many cases, just as powerful as video… and it’s a lot *easier* to produce and post than video!

Think about it: if audio-only content didn’t have value, TV would have destroyed radio years ago.

And with a whole new generation of tools and services to help you get your online audio created and posted, there’s never been a better time to start using audio to increase sales, subscriptions and conversions in your online business.

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