Get Started Right … You Gotta Know What You Want To Do

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I find it amusing how many people seem to think all you have to do is pick up a microphone and talk into it and you have yourself a podcast. Admittedly, there are some who simply have the knack or ‘gift of gab’ and can talk on any subject at the drop of a hat, but, many people don’t have that gift. Just put a microphone in their hand and they may immediately start talking, (maybe because they already have their first two lines worked out in their minds), and then they just as quickly begin to stumble around for words and eventually start with the ‘ums’, ‘and-uhs’, ‘I-uhs’ and ‘what do I say now’s.’ (Just for the record, it is my opinion that that won’t cut for long with their audience.)

Personally, I sometimes like to go to “” to check out the new podcasts as they come out. You can always tell the brand new people from the ones that have done at least a few by the way they start. I am not at all surprised by what I hear. I’ve been there myself, (although it was some time ago and probably would still happen if I did more ‘spur of the moment’ talks or teachings.) I really got a kick out of one I heard. The person opened with a few words of welcome and then began to tell what the intention of the podcast was. Shortly after that couple of opening statements, he began stumble around a bit and search for words and then said, “I didn’t think this would be this hard. In the future I’m going to have to write down what I want to talk about . . .”

I can’t think of a better example of what I’m trying to point out to you. This person recognized almost immediately how important it is to have an idea of what it is you want to talk about. How important it is to ‘know what you want to say and what you want to do.’

I remember several years ago I wanted to start a radio station or, at least, be a DJ. I even made a tape I could hand out to people –(mostly friends of mine)– to show them the type radio show I wanted to do. I used the station call letters of “W-H-E-A-D”, (five letters so no one would mistakenly think it was a real station and yet, it did sound as if it was coming from the radio instead of a tape.) The talk would go something like, “Hello, I’m Russ and this is W-H-E-A-D Radio; Head radio, where the music we play is music for your head . . . music that makes you think and talk that does the same.” (Trust me when I tell you, I had a lot of fun doing that but never really followed through on that pursuit. I went on to other things. Now, it appears I may get the chance after all.)

Probably the hardest thing for me to do for that project was the talk between songs. I quickly realized that I just didn’t talk well from ‘off the top of my head’. I had to think about what I wanted to say first and even make notes so I wouldn’t be stumblin’ and mumblin’ around while the tape was rolling and I was getting ready to play the next song. Although I didn’t really know what I was doing, the final product turned out pretty good. Several of the people that heard it as they rode along with one or another of my freinds asked what station it was, when it had come on the air and how they could get it on their radios. Needless to say, I was pleased that they wanted to know what to tune their radios to, but I never did start an actual radio station nor did I become a DJ.

If you have a desire to be a podcaster and just want to jump right in, go ahead and do it, you might just be one of those that can. But, if you want to get started right, there’s a few things you might want to research and think about first. You’re not going to disappoint anyone –not even yourself– by being well prepared for whatever it is your podcast is about. That doesn’t mean everything has to be completely structured and that you can’t depart from the direction you’ve planned for your podcast to be going if an alternate direction seems more promising as you progress.

First, you’ve gotta know what you want to do. The better prepared you are to accomplish the original plan, the easier it is to recognize a detour that takes you exactly where you want to be.

See ya next time . . .

Get Started Right … Gettin’ Down and Doin’ It

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Okay, we’ve spent some time discussing several sites that are good places to go for information and input, but have you really gone and checked any of them out? If you have, you have already taken a big step towards ‘getting started right’. If you haven’t, you really should because there is some really good information out there and you might as well take advantage of someone else’s investment of time and effort. You will simply just be that much further ahead of the game.

Look at it this way, if you check out someone else’s podcast and get a good or maybe even a great idea or tip for your own podcast, what have you lost? Maybe a little bit of time had to be invested, but, you have an opportunity to gain input from some of the best in the business and you can quite often gain that input for little, or no, financial investment. What could be better?

What I’m trying to say is, if you want to turn out a good product but you don’t quite have it all together as far as technique and ability yet, you absolutely need to get the input of others even if it is to become absolutely certain of what you DON’T want to do.

Not everyone of you wants to follow in the footsteps of the status quo. Some of you may have great ideas for really dynamic podcasts that totally depart from the norm and that is wonderful, BUT, you might want to consider listening in on some others to be sure it is what you want to do and how you want to do it.

One thing I have learned is that a podcast doesn’t have to contain flawless diction or be technically perfect, but it does have to have reasonable flo and worthwhile content. (I can say that even though I may not like your podcast and you may not like mine.) Some things are just ‘givens’. People want to be motivated, educated and entertained. Some even like to be shocked on a regular basis, but they still expect you to present it to them in a reasonable and understandable manner.

There comes a time when we all have to make the decision to get down to business and start doin’ that thing that is burning within us. We need to make the decision to get the right equipment, choose the proper format for our presentation, pay attention to what we are doing and get started. There is no other way to see if your idea is going to fly until you actually start producing it.

If you want to ‘get started right’, know this. You will not be wasting your time by spending some of it listening to others that are more experienced. You could very possibly pick up on some little tidbit of information or technique that could make your podcast better and easier to produce.

In all honesty, it has never been easier to produce and distribute an audio or video podcast. The people that have gone before us have done a lot of the hard work. You can easily find the type of equipment that is perfect for your need. The same holds true for software. Some of it is free, some of it will cost you a little and some of it can cost a lot. The best way to decide which one is best for you is to see them in action. Quite often, trial versions (or lesser versions) are available to try before you have to make a major investment. Listening to what others produce with different equipment and software can demonstrate the quality of product that can be accomplished with each.

Many podcasters are more than willing to share what they use to make their podcasts. They either talk about it in their blogs or they love to answer your inquiries via comments or emails. As I have said before, “The only deep, dark secrets in podcasting is that there are no deep, dark secrets in podcasting.”

When it comes right down to it, to “get started right”, there is no substitute for gettin’ down and doin’ your podcast. You want to try your ideas out, so, get out there and do it!

See ya next time . . .

Get Started Right … Five More Great Places to Visit, Listen and Learn

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Sorry about the delay in updating the blog, but I think I’m finally back on schedule. I found I just couldn’t do it all. What with the eye surgeries and the doctor appointments and catching up on the service calls, I tried and just couldn’t keep up. But I am looking forward to the future and, of course, the present.

As I am sure you already know, it happens every time. Once you start finding good places to gain input from, the links on those sites lead you to other places. That’s what makes this so interesting. There is no limit, (at least I haven’t found one so far), to finding places to gain important information or valuable expertise that can help you “get started right” in your podcasting adventures. And there is no limit to the opportunities out there to make it worth your while if you want to take the time it takes to “do it right”.

Today, I’m not only going to mention places about audio podcasting, but I am going to mention some that use both audio and video. There is just so much going on in the industry that there is no way to ignore any of it. In this journey of learning and discovering, we can’t go very far on our own. I am a firm believer that we need other peoples’ input because we are involved in the infancy of a brand new industry. It is still growing, changing and finding its focus and all of us, together, are doing the same.

The first place I want to talk about is called ‘the internet audio guy’. This is one great place for all your audio needs. You will find Mike Stewart to be a great source of information and he has thirty years experience in audio and video. Be sure to take in his blog page“From the Desk of Mike Stewart” while your looking around.

Trust me, you will want to take advantage of his expertise in audio. This site is just full of great offers, equipment, software and, yes, even some free stuff to whet your appetite for some the great stuff he offers at reduced prices. Whether you are brand new to audio podcasting or an old pro, you will find a bunch of stuff you will want to take advantage of.

The second place is also a Mike Stewart site and is named, “the internet video guy”. This one is about using video in podcasting as well as other uses for video in websites, emails and other types of marketing. He is another one of those people on the cutting edge of where this industry is headed. You will really enjoy the way he presents his ‘vodcasts’ and you will find them just full of information and great hints, tips and demonstrations.

Believe me, his sites, (and he has several), are going to give you up to the minute information and lots of it that will keep you busy learning for a while. I am sure you will want to take advantage of some of his great offers, too.

The next place is by another one of the people that I call on the cutting edge also. His name is Jim Edwards. He is self described as a person who promises to tell the truth, “The naked truth”, even if it hurts. He has great information and cares about people enough to give them truthful opinions about things that work. He makes a solemn promise to only deliver the best possible business building and money making information directly to you. But, don’t take my word for it, check out his blog at “”. I promise, you won’t be disappointed.

The next place is somewhat like a site I’ve talked about several times and where I presently upload my podcast to called, “”. This other place is called “”. The first difference you will notice about this site is that it is not totally free. The range of pricing is from free to $30.00 per month. I can’t say it is unreasonable though. I really think it offers an alternative to the free site, but it does require the investment to use it for their premium service. I think it is better to try the free part and see how things go and then try the pay level of the the site if you like what you see when you check them out or if your podcast or videocast warrants the expenditure. I never recommend spending money first, but sometimes spending some is the only to find out the difference between free and pay stuff.

The last place for today is something I thought might interest you. If you are doing an audio or video podcast and think you have a need for a telepromter, go to “”. They offer a 30 day, fully functional trial of their teleprompter called, ‘floprompter’. I will be trying it out over the next month and seeing how it works out for me since most everything I do is scripted. If you decide to purchase it and keep it, the price is a very reasonable, $39.95. It looks like it could help things go easier because it does do the teleprompter thing of moving the words across the screen at your pace instead of you having to manually advance it. I know I will know more in 30 days about its true value for me. So far it looks pretty interesting. The real decision on its value and necessity can only be decided by you and how it works for you when you try it.

See ya next time . . .

Get Started Right … Five Great Places to Visit, Listen and Learn

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When it comes to listening to other people and learning from their expertise, I have several favorites I often frequent. Not only do they help keep me very up to date on what’s going on, but they also keep me on the cutting edge of the direction podcasting will take in the future. Believe me when I tell you, I know there are a whole lot more than these five sites that can do this and we will talk about more of them in the very near future, but, these are good places to go. Especially when you consider what my theme for this month is — ‘getting started right’.

So why do I choose these places? Well, I have to be honest; I just simply like them and what they have to say. I learn from them and they have proved to me over time that they know what they are talking about. They are right there at the forefront of the wave of this movement called podcasting. With people like this leading the way, it makes our journey much easier than it would be without them. These are not the only people out there that are leading the way but it is where I choose to start today.

So, who are the people and where are the sites? I’m glad you asked that question. I’ve been waiting here to tell you.

The first person and site I want to introduce you to is, Leo Laporte. (I know, I know; you’ve heard me mention him before.) This time, I want you to really go and check out his site named “Leoville”. He is top notch and many of you probably already know him from his TV shows a while ago, “Screen Savers” and “Call For Help”. This site I give you today is one I have shared with you a couple of times over the last several months. “Leoville” is a good place to go for stuff from Leo Laporte. One trip here and you will have plenty of stuff to look at for a while and you will find a lot of great information, sources and links. Now, remember — not everything is free. But the good stuff is hardly ever free. Just remember, some of his stuff is free, but the stuff he charges for, whatever it costs (which isn’t really that much) you will definitely get a lot for the price.

The second person I want to mention here is Paul Colligan. He is very podcast oriented. The site I mention here is the easiest to remember. It is “”. This is not his only site, but, when you go to this site, you will see just how much is available. Paul is definitely a class act, too. He talks about improving your podcasts and has really good info and links to other helpful people and sites. He, along with others, talks about how to monetize your podcasts and offers exceptional material on how to do so. I know you will come away from your visit to his site with a wealth of ideas and information on how to improve your podcasts and make money with them also. His is another site where not everything is free, but there is plenty there to wet your appetite.

The next place could actually qualify for three or more. I mention it to you, in particular, because it is a great place to get great input and direction. the site is called: This is a place with a wealth of podcasts to listen to and glean good direction for making your podcast better than ever. When you visit this place, you will notice that they have three choices of places to get podcasts of differing types. You really can’t go wrong with spending a little time checking out what they have to offer. I list the main things here.

  1. IT Conversations
  2. Open Source
  3. Podcast Academy
  4. “The Levelator” software
  5. Gigavox media Platform

See, I told you there is a lot there. Aw heck, just go there and check it out. I know you’ll like it.

Next on the list is Michael Geoghegan. His podcast, “Reel Reviews” is very popular and he is co-author of a book I have, and still do, highly recommend, “Podcast Solutions”. He and his co-author, Dan Klass, cover all the important information on how to get started with their ‘Complete Guide to Podcasting’. You will find just about anything you want to know about podcasting technique, equipment, software and legalities in this book. That is why I highly recommend you read it and use it as a guide to “Get Started Right”. It is well worth the price. It also has a CD with different trial versions of software you can try. This by itself is worth the purchase price.

The next person on the five favorites list is someone I find fascinating. He is more oriented in marketing and teleseminars, but works a lot with Paul Colligan.

Alex Mandossian is remarkable when it comes to getting his points across. He is well suited for his craft. You will be hard pressed to find a more influential person in the field. As I stated earlier, he is more marketing and teleseminar oriented, but, he does do other things and is good at anything he sets his hand to do because he strives to present his expertise and products in the best possible way. I think he does a great job and I always find him interesting. He has great guest speakers also. Alex and Paul Colligan have several projects they work on together and they have co-authored a book called, “The Podcasting Bible”. Pick up a copy. I know you will find it worthwhile.

I know I only promised you five but here is a place I just cannot quit talking about. I have an extremely high opinion of the site, “” Not only is it easy to get your podcast recorded and uploaded, but, it is free, (at least, so far). How can you beat that? I am particularly pleased with the way they offer quality reproduction and availability of a person’s podcast and I just simply can’t get over the fact they do it all for FREE! If you haven’t checked them out, please do. You will, no doubt be impressed, too. Remember, it is FREE for now so why not take advantage of it. It is just another way I think you can . . . “Get Started Right”

See ya next time . . .

Get Started Right . . . Just How Serious Are You?

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I’ve been doing a lot of thinking over the last few days while I couldn’t really do any writing. (It was just too hard to sit in front of the computer and suffer through the minimal eye strain pain. By the way, the surgery on my eye went very well. Next Wednesday, I get the other eye done.)

I have a lot on my mind about podcasting and where I want to go and what I want to accomplish with it. The big question is, “How serious are you about podcasting and where do you want to go with it?”

I still firmly believe there are ways to “test the waters”, so to speak, without spending a lot of money and I do think you should practice and experiment before you make a major invesment in equipment. However, there is point we reach when we have to decide where we want to invest our time and money for the best return. Of course, you understand that I’m not talking about investing in Real Estate or the stock market don’t you? I am talking about the investment of yourself and your most precious commodity — time.

I know I have spent quite a bit of time in the recent past trying to suggest ways to get started in podcasting with little or no investment of money, but there comes a time when we all have to make hard decisions. Some of those decisions can only be made by you. You are the final judge when it comes to your ideas for podcasting and the way you want to present yourself, or your podcast. How you want your final product to turn out will ultimately determine how much of a monetary investment you’ll need to make.

Please don’t be offended by what I say next, but, seek out good input for your podcasting ideas. Don’t just go to your friends, especially those that don’t want to hurt your feelings, but seek out some who will tell you honestly what they think and that will offer some constructive criticism. (Don’t deceive yourself about your podcasting ideas or talents like some singers trying to get on ‘American Idol’ do, but remember that a little reality check is not a bad thing. That’s why I ask you right now, “Just how serious are you and can you accept constructive criticism, both positive and negative. That doesn’t mean you won’t, or can’t, do what you want, but it does mean that you may have to work at the craft of communication a little more than you thought.)

Does that bother you? If so, you will have to evaluate whether it will hold you back or make you more determined than ever to go forward.

Personally, I am growing a little weary of all the things I want to go and listen to sounding like a radio program. You see, I like listening to people talk about things I am interested in, or things that catch my interest, but I don’t always want to be listening to a radio show.

Probably one of the things I dislike most is the really loud or distracting interruptions that totally kill my interest. Some call them commercials and I don’t really have anything against them in general, but I do have a real problem with major differences in volume and feel when it comes to listening to a program.

Please understand, I am just as critical of some of the productions that are turned out by people I know and work with at times. I just simply don’t agree with the “grab their attention by blowing them out of their seats” mentallity that permeates much of the broadcast industry these days.

After all is said and done, that is why people appreciate their mute buttons, DVR’s and Tivos. The commercials are so loud or distracting that they simply don’t want to be forced to listen to them anymore. Perhaps, (and this is just my opinion), the people that make commercials could work a little harder at getting their point across without being so obnoxiously overbearing. (Yes, I know this is a touchy subject, but with the monetization of podcasting at the present time, and in the near and distant future, it is something that should concern all of us and we should consider what the effects will be on our podcasts.)

For myself, I am looking at ways to present audio books, possibly have interviews and also just generally discuss things that interest people. I do struggle with presenting all of the above with a ‘radio show feel’ and I would like to try some different ways or types, but, as always, figuring what is best to do is the challenge.

Some things read like a book and I think should be presented like a book. Other things are simply conversations and should have minimal, if any, interruptions. This means we may have to foot the bill on our own presentations because no commercial spots really fit the format. This brings us to interesting propositions that I heard about from one of my favorite educational and informational people, Leo Laporte. He asks for donations and also charges a minimal fee to have access to some of his stuff. I don’t want to spend a lot of time talking about that now, but it is something I want to discuss later.

The important thing at this point is to consider how we can best present our ideas and only spend what we need to spend on the equipment and software needed to do so.

So, here are three things we need to think about to turn out the best possible product we can:

  1. Consider just how serious we are.
  2. Consider what it will take to best present our subject.
  3. Spend what is necessay to “Get Started Right”.

If you take the time right now to plan and figure a little, it could make a great big difference in how much it takes to get started with your podcasting ideas and turn out a great product you can be proud of.

‘Get started right’ and the rest may not be easy, but it will be worthwhile.

See ya next time . . .

April is no time for Foolin’ Around

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Well, another month has gone by and what do you have to show for it? Have you started actually doing your planned podcast? Have you laid out your plans for the near and distant future? Where will you be in relation to your plans thirty days from now?

I am going to pursue this month according to the way I planned it. I am going to produce my weekly podcast using the articles I write during the week and I am going to go back and organize my previous posts in a little different way. You will find, at least for starters, that any music I use will be original music so that I only have to pay myself for the usage. I am going to try and find some interesting people to interview in the near future and I fully intend to offer information that will help you either get started in podcasting or take your own podcasting to the next level.

Now, I have to tell you that the next two weeks are going to be a bit of a challenge for me. I have all of these plans for this month and I am going to have eye surgery over the next two Wednesdays. Nothing major, but, it is going to be interesting. I only hope I come out of it with better eye sight. As it stands now, I do struggle a bit and it happened relatively quickly.

Here is my newest schedule for everything, (at least, I hope this is how it goes.) On Tuesdays and Fridays I hope to have new entiries on the blog– more often when I can. I plan an extended podcast based around the blog subjects once a week, probably released on Saturday. Of course I will still be doing each of the articles in audio podcast form, individually, for those that would rather listen than read.

This is no April fool’s joke. I really am intending to do this. I also am working to get a couple of other podcasts going. I hope to mention more about them later on this month. Stay tuned for more ‘stuff’ that should be happening soon, right here on your source for podcasting resources,

See ya next time . . .

Following Up on the “Hums and Buzzes”…Podcasting Quick Tip #7

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I’m sure you all remember the time, recently, I was talking about hums and buzzes in my recordings, (Podcasting Quick Tip #5) and I told you I would fill you in on why I was having some ground loop problems when I knew more. Well, I did figure out part of it and the other I haven’t quite got a grip on yet.

The first problem was when I hooked up directly with my laptop to record stuff off of the telephone, (possible interview practice), an noticed I had a bad hum or buss in the recording. I solved it temporarily by removing the laptop power supply. But, the technician in me wanted to know where the ground loop was coming from so I had to try a few things.

I finally isolated it to my modem connection on my downstairs computer. You see, because of some of the work I do, I have and test some head-end parts for RF distribution. I have one of my computers connected to this system to play music and sometimes show stuff from ‘TSTN’ on my whole house system. I have experienced ground loop problems before with the system and thought I had it all taken care of. Apparently, I didn’t. Since I use the computer as my fax machine, it is connected to the phone line via the modem and also the head-end system. When I remove the connection to the modem of that computer, the hum goes away from my other phone connection to my laptop. I won’t go any further with that one, i just know where it is and I can deal with it.

The other one still has me a little baffled. Why my microphone does what it does I cannot say for sure. Perhaps I should try a USB input and see if it does the same thing. As it is now, I am using the mic input at the front of my computer and it has no buzz as long as I am not connected to the power line with my laptop power supply. It also seems to be pretty much evident with the mic I am using. Others I try are either not as evident or don’t have the hum/buzz in them. It is still a little confusing to me. Maybe one of you out there in the land of podcasting and blogs can help me this one. It really doesn’t bother me that much, but I would like to know why. If you have any input, please leave your ideas in the comments section.

I am going to be stepping up to a little bit different equipment in the very near future and I will probably solve my delima in that way. Still, my curiosity is arroused and I would like to know why it does what it does.

I have been extrememly busy lately and have had a little bit of a hard time keeping up with the blog. I have been forced, at least temporarily, to only update twice a week and I have moved it from Monday and Friday to Tuesday and Friday. I hope you won’t mind. Perhaps soon, I will be able to get back on the old schedule. In April, I will probably be turning out one podcast a week on this site, but it will be a compiliation of the articles and thoughts for the week. I will still be providing the podcast version of the articles for those that want to listen to them instead of read them.

See ya next time . . .

Before We Move On … Some Personal Thoughts On the Future for Podcasting

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As I mentioned last time, I am planning on making certain changes to this site and also expanding my podcasting adventures into other areas I am interested in. But before we move on, together, I just wanted to take some time to express my thoughts and feelings as far as the direction of podcasting for the future, in general and for myself.

I used to take certain things for granted. Things like, I never thought I would like being on the talking side of the microphone and now I find it gives me great pleasure to share what I know with those that want to listen. My problem now is trying to figure out what direction to go with my ideas of what I want to accomplish with podcasting.

You see, I know there are people out there that know much more about podcasting than I do and I know there are those that know much more about the software and available hardware. The real problem for all of us is, what do we really want to accomplish with what it is we do with this form of communication called podcasting.

Do we want to use it as a form of entertainment? Do we want to use it as a forum for our thoughts on current events and other items we find important? Do we just want to have another music based radio program or possibly a talk show? How about educational and inspirational programming? When it comes to video, will the same hold true, doing the same old, same old, or will someone find a brand new way of getting the job done? Will we continue on with the casual presentation of our creativity as is now so popular on “youtube” and other places or use it for things beyond our comprehension at this moment?

What direction will you take? Have you really thought about it?

As for me, I choose to use podcasting for educational and personal development purposes at the present time. It is a convenient way to present, or offer, input into peoples lives. It is possible to help many gain valuable input in this way and for me, that is important. I hope to make a positive impact on people and give valuable information and advice using my own life experience and that of others.

There is a wealth of information available and this is a way to make it available to all that desire it at a time convenient for them to listen or absorb it. Some of it will cost nothing and some of it will cost more than some think it is worth.

This medium will become an income producing venture for many and will be a fulfilling outlet for others. I only hope that it doesn’t become what TV and Radio have. They are more driven by income rather than importance. The driving force behind much of the programming in those venues is popularity and how much an advertisement will bring in because of that popularity. Of course, that is good business and will apply in some way to podcasts of all kinds, but it is very limiting. It means, especially in Radio and TV, that only programming that generates income survives whether or not it has any real value.

One of the most important values to this thing called podcasting is that it is not something that restricts someone from doing it. A person can start podcasting very inexpensively. Quality will always be of value whether it be the content or the quality of the audio or the video or both. With the technologies and services available these days, a person can turn out a very high quality podcast very inexpensively. That doesn’t mean a person will have to spend a fortune, but, it does mean they will have to spend what it takes to accomplish what they want to produce in the quality they want. Some things are easy to accomplish and some things are, or can be, very complex.

I can only speak for myself and the way I am. Mostly, I am a very laid back person. Does that mean I never get excited or exasperated. No, it means I don’t often yell and scream to get my point across. I just present it the way I see it and that is all I can do. Does that mean I don’t like those that do it the other way? No. Sometimes I think they go a bit over board and I can’t necessarily listen to them for extended periods of time, but, I do appreciate their enthusiasm.

So, the future of podcasting is in our hands, yours and mine. What we choose to do with it remains to be seen and I do firmly believe we have only scratched the surface. I know I never thought much about it until I began to use it to time shift my listening and learning experiences and then began my own podcasting adventures. It offers possibilities limited only by our creativity and imaginations. I’ve said it before and I will say it again. The world is out there waiting for our input. Let’s get it to them.

See ya next time . . .

Why Not Use This To Get Started With Your Podcast?

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Okay, this is the last time I am going to talk about this for a while. I have been directing most of the last few articles at you beginners out there and this one is too. I have been talking about ‘’ a lot and I will probably mention it several more times in the near and distant future, but I cannot tell you how easy it is to use. You will just have to experience it for yourself.

If you are a beginner podcaster, or advanced, and you want to get started with your own podcast, don’t let anything hold you back any longer. You can get started in the next half hour simply by going to ‘’, signing up and start your very own , FREE, podcast from their site and you will be on and people can start listening within a few minutes of the time you click the “publish” button. What could be easier? (NO, they’re not paying me to say this!)

I know it sounds too easy. I know it sounds as if I want you to go there so I can make money off of your visit. The truth is, if you want an easy and inexpensive way to get your podcast on the web, I know this is one place that will work for you. It is simple, fast and easy. It works and does not limit you to only being on their site. You can also transfer your ‘cast’ to iTunes if you want.

Is this the only place you can go? No. Is it the best? I can’t answer that. I only know that it is easy and inexpensive and you can turn out a very good quality simple podcast. If you think you need a bunch of pricey equipment to try out your idea, think again. All you need is a microphone attached to your computer and you are ready. Try this if for no other reason than to find out if podcasting is for you.

By the way, stay tuned to this site. I am planning some changes in the very near future and I am excited. I hope you will like them, too.

See ya next time . . .

Podcasting Quick Tip #6

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You know I have been speaking very highly of the stuff available over at I have been so pleased with the quality and the ease of using their site, software and little recorder program that I can’t help but give them another big thumbs up. I have been using it regularly for a while now and have become just a bit spoiled I guess. It’s like I said before, “When something works, it works” ( see, ‘Beginners . . . podcast ‘on the cheap’), and I still feel that way.

So, if you’re a beginner and want to get started with’s “Mypodcast recorder”, I have a couple of helpful hints for you. Please remember, it is a simple recorder and not extremely versatile, but for what it is, it works great! If you just want a simple way of getting started recording your podcast, this is a great place to start.

One nice thing about this simple little program is it can be used immediately after you download it. As long as you don’t make any mistakes or have to restate a statement because you got tongue-tied, it is completely easy to use. It is when you have those moments of brain strained audio garble that it becomes a little tricky.

If you mess up right at the beginning of your talk, it’s probably best to start over from the very beginning. If it is a half a minute or so into it, you can stop, playback or advance to just before the mistake and pick it up from there.

So, how do you do that? I’ll try to ‘simply’ talk you through it. It will help if you have already downloaded it and tried doing a few things with it so that you are at least somewhat familiar with it.

First, when you open the Mypodcast recorder and click the record button (I’m assuming you have a microphone attached) you will notice it immediately starts recording. Notice the line that moves through the time graphic. As you record, it tells you where you are. (You can use this as your guide as you record your production for how much time has elapsed and it is also helpful for correcting a mistake.) When you click the record button again, it stops recording. If you click the record button again,(whether accidently or otherwise), you just erased what you just recorded and started recording all over again. That probably wasn’t what you wanted or expected, so, here is the first really big tip:

  • After you have recorded something, either listen to it by clicking the play button to advance it back to the end of the recording, or,
  • Manually advance it, either with your mouse or arrow buttons, to the end and you can begin recording again without losing any of the previous information

This particular feature is a mixed blessing. If you accidently double click the record button to stop and listen to your recording, it will stop the recording and start recording again, BUT, it will have quickly erased all of you previous work. I guess the best thing I can tell you about this is just don’t be in a hurry. Take your time and be cautious. While working on a recording, you can make corrections and add to the recording as long as you don’t save it. Once you save it it is fixed in stone, (unless you enter it into another program, like Audacity, for editing it that way.)

Here is hint number 2 for the day. If you are recording your program and notice that you have made a really noticeable mistake, simply stop recording and do the following:

  • Click play and listen to what you have recorded up to the mistake.
  • Notice where it was and click stop on the play button.
  • You can back up in small increments by using your left arrow key
  • Hit play and make sure of where you are in the recording
  • Hit stop one more time and back up to a good place for starting the statement over
  • Work at it until you are sure have the right spot
  • Click record and proceed from that point with your recording

At this time, I have found no way to do insert editing with this program. You can go back to where you want to pick it up from, but you cannot insert something in the middle. Once you back up to where you want to record something, the program erases everything beyond that point and starts recording new from that point. This one little drawback to this program is at times a nuisance, but as you get used to using it, you find how easy it is to work with this feature. With practice, you will find you can do things that no one will notice, including yourself.

Just remember, this works only in original recordings. Once you save the recording, it is not able to be added to or corrected unless you put it into another program to edit it.

See ya next time . . .