Podcast? Webcast? Netcast? The Name Debate . . . (What’s it gonna be?)

There’s a lot of talk making the rounds these days and that is, “What should this form of communication take as a name?”  In my research so far, there are several that are most popular at the moment.  They are the already well-known iPod derivative, “podcast”; one of the more descriptive possibilities, “netcast”, and another good descriptive term, “webcast”.   There are, and will be, others I assure you. 

The debate surrounds several things including the contention that ‘Apple’ seems to think they own anything with the word “pod” in it.  (At least, that is my understanding of their contention so far).  They feel strongly enough about it that they are beginning to pursue legal means for proving it. 

Once again, I have to agree with one of my favorite “informed” people, Leo Laporte.  (See previous post, “What is Podcasting?  (my view pt 2)”).  I do appreciate all that Apple has done to advance this type of medium.  I like and use iTunes and others and I don’t think the name “pod”casting is going to go away, BUT, for Apple to think that the rest of us are going to go away, quit using the word “pod” or even that they have some legal right to those three letters is ridiculous in my opinion.  Once again, this is where I feel major corporations step over the line when it comes to “branding” rights.  I am sure that I am not alone when it comes to being weary of some of the corporate arrogance that is out there. 

Besides all this, one point that keeps resurfacing is, many people are convinced they need an “iPod” to receive any podcasts at all.  This, too, is good for Apple to have such an impression left in the minds of people, but is also totally false and leaves many without a strong voice to the otherwise.  Many devices  and services exist to play the ever-growing amount of downloadable files out there.  The “iPod” is only one, (as good as it may be).

Now, don’t take me wrong.  I think it is good that this debate has started so early in this process.  It tells me people are thinking in the right direction.  I am thankful there are people concerned about such debatable things as these.  I only hope cooler heads prevail when it comes time to make some of the more important decisions.  There will be a large responsibility on the courts and legal professionals.  There is already a great responsibility on those of us close to these issues and we can’t afford to be reactionary.  We need to fully think through the issues facing us and make calm, yet solid, decisions concerning this issue and others facing this blossoming industry.  Open communication in both directions is going to be key in the near and distant future.  Let’s all stay informed and do what we can to make a positive impact on the future.

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