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Hello everybody; I know it’s been a while since I actually posted something new here, but I didn’t want you to think I’ve just been sitting around doing nothing (because I haven’t.) I’ve been very busy and I’m excited about many things that have been going on.

In actuality, I’ve just finished my second book and I am working on making the audio version of it. Yeah, that’s right, using exactly the same principles and techniques I use here at Podcasting Resources.

Now, the books are not available to the public just yet, but they will be in the coming months. In fact, at the present, I’m working on one associated with this site called, “Podcasting On The Cheap.” It will be available in both an eBook version and an audio version. I have some interesting things to “show-n-tell” you about as that gets closer to being done so keep on checking back because I’ve got some interesting things planned for the near future. I think you will find it a useful tool to use as you pursue your own projects in the future.

Remember I told you a while back I was getting ready to make some changes to Podcasting Resources and, well, that time is here. I can’t say whether or not the name of this blog is going to change along with the direction, but, I can tell you this; Podcasting Resources is just going to get better (no matter what the actual title of this blog becomes.) Don’t worry; you’ll still be able to find us at our url – www.podcastnorm.com — although you will be able to find a whole lot more, too.

I have a lot more great people connections than I did when I started this back in 2007. Back then, I knew hardly anyone and the technology was kinda new. Now, the technology has advanced in a big way and I know some really great people that know a lot about recording, editing, podcasting, vcasting and a whole lot more. Don’t fret though, I intend to tell you how you can pick their brains as I have over the last several years instead of me trying to relay it word for word; (sometimes it loses something in the translation.)

You see, Podcasting – Blogcasting – Article Writing (and all that goes along with them), well… they’re what I do. I don’t do it just to make money or try to impress people with what I know because I already know how much I don’t know, (and the Lord knows, I can always use more money.) I’m learning more everyday and I like to help others learn new stuff too.

At the end of this “blog/cast”, the S3 media player will take you to my latest blog/cast at my NASCAR site, www.nascarfansview.com I really think you’ll like it, (I’ve made some changes since the last time I told you about it. See what you think of the change in the music. I love it! (but then I am an old rocker at heart.)

The first of the new articles will be up and available Monday sometime. But, check back often, ‘cause you never know what you might miss… It just might have been what you were looking for!

See ya next time… Rusty

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