Podcasting in 2008 … What’s your plan for the coming year??


Are you a new podcaster (or an advanced podcaster) looking get started or make changes to your podcast for the coming year, 2008?

Since this is the new year it is as good a time as any to think about your plan for podcasting in the New Year and what, exactly, you want to accomplish in the months ahead?

  • Have you been thinking about starting a Podcast?
  • Have you been podcasting but not getting anyone to stop by and listen?
  • Have you been trying to make a podcast worth listening to?
  • Have you just been throwing one together or have you had at least some sort of a plan?
  • Do you want to make your podcast better than ever this year?

If some, or all, of these relate to you then this is one place you want to visit frequently in the year ahead. I really believe it will be worth your time.

That being said, I know I’ve been thinking about the changes I want to make for the New Year and this is the beginning of that new plan. The plan is to do things a little differently this year.

Here are some changes I will be making this year:

  • Shorter articles for reading but more focused subject-wise
  • There will be more of them to read but in less time
  • Podcasts combining more articles at one time (as often as twice a month.)
  • I will still use “mypodcast.com” for the audio blog of the articles (just because it shows how easy it is for a beginner to make their blog an audio blog.)
  • I will soon make available a short step-by-step guide for beginners to get started podcasting with the least expense. (Be looking for that free guide in the very near future!)
  • I will be demonstrating more editing techniques with camtasia rather than just talking you through them. (As they say, pictures are better than words.)

Well … that’s all there is for today, but, you will be hearing from me soon, (and that’s a promise).

See ya next time …

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Rusty Norman

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