Podcasting ‘On The Cheap’… Don’t invest more than you need to, but, at least as much as you should…

You’ve heard me say many times, you can get started podcasting very inexpensively and still turn out a great audio or video podcast. You have also heard me say you can spend a little more money and … still turn out a great audio or video podcast.

In reality, it isn’t the amount of money you have invested in equipment and software that makes a great podcast. It is the attention you pay to small details and the quality of the content that can ultimately make your podcast, or other type of production, as good as any and better than many, and you can still do it “On The Cheap.”

Spending a lot of money doesn’t guarantee a great podcast

You see, you don’t have to spend a lot of money to get started with podcasting.  Just throwing money at equipment and software for podcasting doesn’t guarantee anything about the final product you turn out. In fact, it doesn’t even guarantee that you will turn out a great podcast. Of course, you do need to have equipment and software that simplifies the job of producing it and you need to know enough about certain production techniques to make your podcast sound good enough to make it easy and pleasing to listen to.

Let me be blatantly bold and say, “You definitely need what it takes to present your information in a way that is appealing to your listeners.” (Yes, I was trying to be dramatic and pause for effect… (chuckle) In reality, I admit that wasn’t really so blatant and also not so bold, but, it is important all the same.)

Always keep in mind that you can spend a little money, or a lot of money, and still turn out a podcast or production that is terrible and will, in no way, appeal to anyone, (except maybe you).

So, why do I continue to offer the thought that you can make podcasts, “On the Cheap”, and why should you care?

Well…the answer is pretty easy and straight forward…it is because you can!

Now, I can hear those rumblings out there from those of you that say, “So Who Cares?!?” and I understand where you’re coming from, but, I also understand that your audience does care how, why and what you do to make your podcast a pleasurable experience and why it is important to consider what they think.

No matter what you think, there are several things to consider about quality…

Any conversation about quality will ultimately open wide ranging opinions and arguments. I know why there is concern for speedy delivery and I also know what I like. Most times, the two are not even in the same ball park.

I have a very good friend that owns a recording studio. He will be the first to tell you that he is “old school” and how disappointed he is with much of digital technology, (a viewpoint I understand but don’t totally agree with, although I do know what parts in particular he doesn’t like.). He was the first person to give me this description of low resolution mp3 files. He said, “It sounds like someone threw marbles into a metal bowl and they’re rolling around while their trying to talk, play or sing.” He has received some demo mp3’s in a very small file formats and has understandably been disappointed in what he heard and totally unimpressed by what could have been presented in a slightly larger file size and it would have made a more positive impact or first impression.

Generally, I know I don’t think like some and I know I have higher expectations of quality that many because I just don’t like listening to junk. I guess I have been spoiled by being around well produced material for most of my life. I’ve been involved in doing many types of media productions (both audio and video) and there are just some things I don’t like about the internet as yet, (although things are changing for the better all the time.)

I don’t like the fact that available bandwidth controls so much of what many say is ‘acceptable’. It has to load fast and be in small perspective for maximum effectiveness; otherwise, no one will stay around long enough to watch or listen. Fortunately, audio is easier to deliver and load speedily than video, but, some are so interested in making the file so small for extremely fast delivery and small file storage space that the quality suffers greatly.

Here are some things you need to consider for the near future…

This is where I see the greatest change coming for the future and what I have, and will be talking about more and more in the near future. Storage space costs and the speed and quality of delivery are becoming more and more important and it is important to consider these aspects as you pursue your journey (or adventure) in podcasting, whether it be audio or video.

For those that may be new to Podcasting Resources, I have some interesting news. If you  would like to know more about a great, inexpensive storage service and some great new software to easily use it, take a look at this previous post (> link to S3 media post<) I made several months ago. It will give you some great information that could very possibly make your adventure in podcasting much easier than it used to be.

For you regular visitors, we will be talking more about the ‘small details’ that can make noticeable differences in your audio and video productions and the way they are received and/or perceived by your listeners.

See ya next time…
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