Podcasting Quality Considerations — Getting Started for Beginners and Others

I have no intention of being long winded here, but, we do live in interesting times.  There is a level of technology in podcast recording equipment and software that meets, or exceeds, the expectations of those using it and that technology can often be free, (although not always).  When talking about recording your podcasts, there are a number of programs and equipment available for use and they vary in price from what I consider to be very inexpensive to somewhat costly.   

If you are interested in getting up and running with you own podcast, there is nothing wrong with starting with an inexpensive setup.  In fact, if you have no equipment at all (except your computer) and you have the desire to at least try and get started, you can start a bare-bones setup for around $200.   The nice thing is you don’t have to spend a lot of time and effort surfing or driving around trying to find cost effective ways and means of setting your self up.  You could quite possibly spend days trying to figure out what equipment is best for you to accomplish what you want and still not know if it will all work together. 

Some of the retailers have put together startup packages of euipment to help you get a quick start.  No guess work, just a get started package that gets you up and out of the starting blocks as quickly as possible.  A company called BSW is one of my favorites.  You can find them at www.bswusa.com.   When I last actually checked, you could get started for somewhere between $250 to $1700.  That is just one example.  There are others but remember the company, BSW, has been around for over thirty years in the broadcast and recording industry. 

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