Still under re-construction… Podcastnorm . com

IMG_0131Yeah, I kinda missed my deadline but I am working diligently to get caught up with updating Podcastnorm . com. I do have some great new items I am taking a look at and have to admit, some of them are very interesting and exciting.

Some of the items I am going to mention will help you make better audio and video recordings on your iPhone and iPad. That’s coming up in the first article of the new Podcastnorm . com website.  New target date is February 4, 2014. (Who knows, if things go well, I might even have it ready for you to take a look at on February 3… (or maybe even today…)

Thanks for stopping by… see you soon.

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I've been doing live sound, recording, editing for over thirty-five years and also I am a songwriter and author/writer. My first book, "Living Life Notes" by Rusty Norman is available on Kindle and at (Follow this Link >>>Living Life Notes by Rusty Norman