What Does Podcasting Mean To You?


Podcasting is very popular and a very interesting form of communication. On the one hand, some think it is a way for them to say what ever they want and not have to worry about what others think. On the other hand, some think it is a complete waste of time and they would rather not have to be exposed to such an obtrusive distraction. In reality, the truth lay somewhere in between.

Somewhere in that mixture of thought processes is the question of what Podcasting means to you and before we move on too much further, you need to answer these questions for your self:

  • Have you actually considered just how powerful of a means of communication it can be?
  • Is it something you want to use as a form of communicating your viewpoint to others?
  • Is it something you simply use to become informed on subjects of interest to you?
  • Is it something you desire to use to teach, preach or reach others with subjects of interest to you or important information you think the world needs to know?
  • Do you consider the quality of the productions (podcasts) to be important or do you just like the subject matter enough to not care how good or bad it may sound or look?
  • Does your idea for a podcast include thinking about the cost it may take to accomplish your desired “end result?”
  • Do you really think you can do it?

All of these thoughts are good points of interest to consider and all of them need to be considered before you invest a large sum of money pursuing your dream. In fact, I am here to help you get started, “On The Cheap”, and I know you can do it inexpensively if you want. I also know you can start inexpensively and build from that point and only invest the amount you need to accomplish your goals for your podcast.

I understand and have to admit, it is easy to get all excited and spend more money than you need to just to get started.

What if I told you you could get started for next to nothing?

Well … that is the case if you take what I am going to say next to heart. If you already own a microphone and have recording/playback capabilities built into your computer, you are ready to get started.

Just follow these simple steps:

  1. Download the software program, “Audacity”, at this link: http://audacity.sourceforge.net/ While you’re there, be sure to read what else they recommend you download along with it to make your experience less painful. I also recommend purchasing the e-book “Podcasting with Audacity”. (There is a link near the bottom of the page. Cost $12.99)
  2. Go to “mypodcast.com” and sign up with them for your very own, totally free podcast. It is very easy to do and use.
  1. After you sign up with them be sure to download their recorder. You could actually use it for doing your podcast without downloading “Audacity”, but, depending on your expertise, “Audacity” gives you more versatility in editing and is also simple to use.

After you have these things installed on your computer, you will be ready to start podcasting. I suggest you experiment a little with them before you really begin your podcasting, though. Although these are fairly simple to use, you will need to familiarize yourself with them to see what they, (and you), are capable of.

Next, come back here to visit often because we will be taking you step by step in how to start your very own podcast without investing a lot of money, (at least to begin with), and turning out a quality product at the same time.

If you have questions, be sure to leave your comments. I will either answer you directly or with an article.

See ya next time …

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Rusty Norman

I've been doing live sound, recording, editing for over thirty-five years and also I am a songwriter and author/writer. My first book, "Living Life Notes" by Rusty Norman is available on Kindle and at Amazon.com (Follow this Link >>>Living Life Notes by Rusty Norman