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If someone would have told you 3-4 years ago that podcasting was going to be as popular as it is today and that you would be able to get your favorite music and podcasts through your cell phone, would that have made a difference in your life at that time?

If your answer is yes, (or even a ‘maybe’), then I have some great information for you today. I know of someone (and I am sure he was not alone) who said just that 3-4 years ago and that’s one of the reasons I look to him for software and equipment recommendations. I listen closely what he says about the future of podcasting with audio, video or both and thoroughly enjoy the excitement in his voice when he shares his thoughts and insights into recording, editing, podcasting and production.

Who is this person, you ask?

In the past, I have mentioned to you many times this person named, Mike Stewart. If you have never visited his sites or taken advantage of his expertise, you shouldn’t put it off any longer. He has branded himself, (and is known as), the “internetaudioguy” and the “internetvideoguy“. (That’s not all he can do but that’s a good place to start in this conversation.)

I have visited his sites many times and have to tell you, he and a few of his friends are always coming up with cutting edge stuff to make the job of recording, editing and podcasting, using audio and video, easier and more understandable. He can help you get started with the proper equipment and software without you having to do a lot of trial and error along the way. His input could save you a lot of wasted time and money as you pursue your podcasting journey further.

One thing I have personally tried to get across in past discussions is, “Don’t complicate your podcasting life by making things more difficult than they need to be. Keep it simple. Make it simple for yourself and your listener.” That is why I suggest you check out Mike Stewart. He can help you get started without complicating your life with a lot of ‘stuff’ that just makes him money and does very little for you.

I firmly believe the information and resources I provide can help you get started podcasting “On The Cheap” (which just happens to be the title of my soon available ebook for beginners getting started as podcasters.) But, when I say, “On The Cheap” I want you to understand it is a relative term:

  • If you have no money, you can still do this podcasting thing with no money, (depending on what you already have as equipment).
  • If you have a little money, you can spend a little money and have pretty good setup.
  • If money is not a real problem, it is still important to only invest in what you need and not buy a bunch of frills you will never use.

To me, ‘Podcasting “On the Cheap”, means you don’t spend money on things you don’t need or can’t afford, but, wisely invest the money you do have in what will benefit you most. To simplify, “Cheap” means, “you only pay for what you need once and because of that, you didn’t waste any time or money.

What I have shared with you in the past still holds true. I think the information and resources I give you here can help you get started at a point that you can afford. At the very least, this information should help until you decide just how serious you are about podcasting both in audio and video. After that, you may reach a point that you would want to graduate to newer or better equipment and software, or, you just may decide to stay right where your are. As long as it works for you AND turns out a good product, I am totally on your side.

Personally, I have a limited arsenal of equipment, but I do think I make pretty good use of what I have. That doesn’t mean I don’t try out other software or equipment that could help me turn out a better product.

I understand that not everyone (especially a beginner) thinks to pay attention to small details and not everyone knows how to make better sounding recordings whether through the way they capture their program material or, the way they edit it. That is why I tell you about Mike Stewart here today. I know he has done a lot of the hard work so you won’t have to.

If you are new to podcasting, or somewhat of an advanced student of podcasting, why not think about making one of your first larger monetary investments in equipment and software with someone that gives you much more value than you can imagine for the money you will spend with him. He offers valuable insight from his years of experience in recording and broadcasting and can help you get started as quickly and as cheaply as anyone. Yes, he does charge for the equipment and software, but his prices are very reasonable and he often includes some valuable information and one or two extras that are priceless.

Now before you get upset with me for talking about stuff that actually costs money, let’s remember what I said last time in episode #0038 about the direction I want to go in the future. I want to talk about different methods of communicating ideas other than just audio podcasting. This is one of those new directions.

I am sure that, eventually, we would all like to have the opportunity to monetize our podcasts or blogs in some way or other. (I know I would and I’m sure you’re not that much different from me.) One of the ways we can monetize is through affiliations.

I will tell you right up front, I am an affiliate with Mike Stewart, BUT, I have, and would, recommend him to you whether or not I was affiliated with him in any way. My affiliation with him doesn’t change the fact that he is knowledgeable in this field and that it would benefit you to check him out! Besides, if you find you like and appreciate what her says and offers, you can also become an affiliate with him and benefit yourself.

Now, what I do is more an Audio Blog than a Radio Show, but, what is ‘podcasting’ in the truest sense of the word? Is it:

  • A radio broadcast
  • An interview
  • A tele-seminar or webinar
  • A cooking show
  • An educational show
  • A sermon
  • A rant …

The answer is yes, it can be any of those, but, in reality, Podcasting is the ability to have any of those type programs time shifted and portable. It lets people listen to what they want, when they want and as often as they want and they can take it with them wherever they go. They can even subscribe to their favorites and have them delivered to them automatically. You need to consider this for your own products or programs if you haven’t already.

Let me leave you at this point for right now, but believe me, we will be discussing this and other matters in the very near future. I have other things to discuss with you and tell you about. The world is hungry for content and information on subjects that interest them, (and even some that don’t, but, catch their attention anyway.)

I like Mike Stewart because he has a wealth of good information on equipment, software and technique. Not only that but he makes learning and taking your abilities to the next level fun and interesting. Check him out! You won’t be disappointed.

See ya next time …

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