You Can Do This

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I’m sure you already realize this, but, podcasting can really be a lot of fun. If it isn’t going to be fun, then you might as well hang it up right now, before you get started. If it becomes a drugery to you, you won’t make it for long because there are going to be days that you just won’t ‘feel’ like doing it. Once that “feeling” settles in, it gets harder and harder to make it happen. When that happens, you no longer look forward to doing your podcasts or any of the preparation it might take to ‘get ‘er done’ and it’s for sure, you won’t want to take the time it takes to do it right.

Let’s take a look at some of the things we’ve been talking about over the last several weeks. We’ve talked about things to do, and think about, to get a good start in podcasting.

In doing that, we’ve talked about several things I think are important:

  • First and foremost, don’t be too proud to get input from others that are already successful at podcasting
  • Check out other sites for their information and possible affiliations, etc
  • Decide which equipment you want to use (Its okay to start cheap if you want)
  • Decide what software you want to use. (Will you use free software or will you pay for it?)
  • What is your focus going to be? (What is the subject, or subjects, of your podcast going to be?)
  • What length format you will use? (will it be minutes or hours?)
  • Who will host your podcast? (Free hosting or pay hosting?)
  • How often will you be creating a podcast? (Once a day, week or month?)
  • Who is your main audience going to be (Do you know who you are trying to reach?)
  • Have a long term and short term plan for your podcast (Planning helps insure your success)

I’ve spent a lot of time trying to give the beginner podcasters an edge over others who are unwilling to listen to voices of experience. Do I think I know all there is to know simply because I have been doing it for a while? Of course not! I talk a lot about technique, paying attention to details and numerous other things because I think they are necessary for turning out a good product.

I think it is important to do all of those ‘things’, but always remember this. I am, in no way, trying to discourage anyone from pursuing their dreams or trying to mold them in a certain way so that they can fit into the mainstream of the ‘status quo’. I just want all of you to be the very best you can be and think further down the road than one audio or video podcast. This is not because I want you to be like me. I simply want you to understand that there are many people that have knowledge of podcasting and recording and editing. You can cut down your learning curve by taking some time to listen to their input and see if what they know will help you accomplish what you want. None of us are trying to remake you into something other than who you are. We just don’t want you to make the same mistakes we did. (Perhaps it was in those days when we thought we knew it all.)

There are so many reasons why it is necessary to learn as much as you can about properly recording and editing audio and video for podcasting and other purposes. A very important one is that it is becoming increasingly evident that the internet is becoming a place where more and more people are visiting first to check out differing products and desired information. It is still a blossoming industry and all of its potential is still being recognized. Why not be a leader in it instead of an ‘also ran’?

You see, I believe that everyone is endowed with certain characteristics and talents that are theirs to pursue and build on. I really like the creativity expressed by those that have turned out some very interesting videos and some really great audio podcasts. Some of us wish we had your talents and I personally call upon you to continue expressing your creative pursuits. That’s what is so great about podcasting. You are relatively free to present your ideas in your own creative ways and get the message to hundreds of thousands easily and relatively cheaply.

Now that you are ready to really begin your podcasting adventure, I only have one short statement to make as you move on to getting started. YOU CAN DO THIS!

See ya next time . . .

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Rusty Norman

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