Life Interruptions – Life’s Detours Can Yield Positive Results

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No matter how hard we try or how well intentioned we are, sometimes life just gets in the way of our good intentions. If your life is anything like mine at the moment, you understand what I’m talking about. You see, I’ve gone through a time that has completely caused me to have to re-evaluate some directions I’ve been headed and plans I was working toward for the future. I fully intended to be moving forward toward all of them, but… Yeah, you got it, some major interruptions disrupted my good intentions and I had to take some detours and make some adjustments.

Yes, it’s true, life sometimes throws us curve balls and those curve balls may cause us to duck and get out of the way. As we live our lives in our journey through this world in real time, those interruptions aren’t necessarily health or finance related but they can be just as time consuming and energy draining. They cause us to change our plans and often they won’t take a back seat to anything else. When those times forcibly interject themselves into our lives, we have to make choices and often less important things tend to be put on the back burner while we take care of the more pressing matter, or matters.

I’m sure you have faced, or possibly are facing, at least one major interruption like this and have possibly had to experience paths in your life journey you didn’t intend to ever visit. When these times come, we are generally somewhat overwhelmed but usually come out the other side with a more focused plan for advancing toward completion of all our plans, hopes and dreams. Looking at it after experiencing it, the interruption caused a detour but also served a purpose.

The purpose, though seeming unintentional, allows us to take care of more pressing matters at the moment and then better focus our energy on our other hopes and dreams and perhaps allow us to eliminate matters that once seemed important but, in retrospect, aren’t.

Those hopes and dreams didn’t die but were merely put on hold for a period of time. As the major interruption begins to subside, we find the other things have become more focused and, because of that major interruption, we may have discovered a more direct route to accomplish any or all of them. Often, if nothing else, we may have obtained a greater determination to accomplish them.

So if you’re facing life and ducking the curve balls today, take care of the pressing situation (or situations) while keeping track of those things you’ve had to put on hold for the moment. It may not be tomorrow and it may not be next week, next month or next year, but the things of importance will remain obvious to you and you will be more focused than you can imagine on all of your future hopes and dreams.

Whatever detour you may be facing, look for the positive results it can yield. Often we look at setbacks and detours as roadblocks (and sometimes they are) but more often they cause us to assess and re-evaluate our direction or situation and put us on a more direct course toward accomplishing our plans and goals.

As we journey through this wonderful gift called life, we often find unexpected situations interrupt that life and get in the way of our plans, hopes and dreams. Don’t be discouraged when they come. Take care of the pressing matters and see if those other “things” seem as important as they once did… and then… pursue the ones that are.

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